Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in our region, CSPV’s board members have been in regular contact with the National Arboretum and Brookside Gardens about possible closures that may affect our club’s upcoming events.
Unfortunately we have just learned that the Arboretum building will be closed on March 22 (the date of our next meeting there).  In addition, Brookside Gardens is closed through the end of March and this may extend into April.
In light of these closures, CSPV’s Board has decided to cancel the regular March 22, 2020 membership meeting as well as the show and sale scheduled for Saturday, April 4, 2020.  The plant order for the public sale the same day has also been canceled.
At this time, it is not clear if Green Spring Gardens will close or postpone its annual plant sale in May.  CSPV has participated in this event for the past several years, quite successfully.  As soon as contacts there provide further information, this page will be updated.  
Finally, if conditions improve over the next two or three months and restrictions are eased, the Board may consider holding a fall show as we did several years ago.   

If you have any questions about the show, sale or camellias in general, please click here to send an E-mail.


About CSPV

Our Society represents camellia lovers from all over the Mid-Atlantic regions, including the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Members include gardening enthusiasts, landscapers, nurserymen, horticulturists, hybridizers and anyone who loves these beautiful and easy to care for shrubs!

Dues are $10 per person payable annually. Click here to join.

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