The Camellia Society of the Potomac Valley’s next scheduled meeting is Sunday, November 8, 2015 at the National Arboretum and this will be a special gathering.

The meeting will include the dedication of the new signage for the Arboretum’s Asian Valley camellia collection, which honors the work and memory of the late Dr. William Ackerman.

The dedication ceremony will kick off  starting at 1 PM in the National Arboretum Administration Building classroom.  After a short social hour, former American Camellia Society president Matt Hunter, from Wilmington, NC, will give a tribute to Dr. Ackerman.   There will also be tributes and memories from some of the Arboretum staff who worked closely with Dr. Ackerman, including Dr. Margaret Pooler.
Following this, we will drive to the Asian Valley where the Arboretum camellia collection is located.  The Arboretum’s Supervisory Horticulturist, Carole Bordelon, will speak at the dedication of the signs, which our club purchased, commemorating Dr. Ackerman’s life-long work in hybridizing cold-hardy camellias. She will give us a short tour of the fall-blooming camellias, which should be at their peak now.  Many are Dr. Ackerman’s hybrids.

Please join us for this important event!



About CSPV

Our Society represents camellia lovers from all over the Mid-Atlantic regions, including the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Members include gardening enthusiasts, landscapers, nurserymen, horticulturists, hybridizers and anyone who loves these beautiful and easy to care for shrubs!

Dues are $10 per person payable annually. Click here to join.

CSPV meets on the second Sunday of the month in November and March. The annual CSPV show and plant sale is typically held on a weekend in early April when spring blooms are at their height.

Click here for the results from our April 2014 Show.

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