April 4, 2011


This event was held April 2-3, 2011 at the Education Building at
Brookside Gardens, located at 1800 Glenallan Avenue, Wheaton, Maryland.  The show co-chairmen were William Miller and Rix Perkins.

Some 565 blooms were entered by 24 exhibitors, and several hundred attendees viewed the exhibition following the conclusion of judging.   CSPV also conducted a very successful plant sale, completely selling out all available stock.

The following are the show results:

Outstanding Bloom Certificates

Best Bloom in Show – Philip and Marjorie Ireland Memorial Trophy: ‘Donckelerii’, Val Lorenz

Best White in Show – Margaret White Memorial Trophy: ‘Nuccio’s Gem’, Val Lorenz

C. japonica unprotected:
Lg ‘Kumasaka Variegated’, John Rountree
RU: ‘Amy Maryott’, Karen Fairchild
Md: ‘Berenice Boddy’, Toni McKenna
RU: ‘Jacks’, Carlton Maryott
Sm: ‘Black Tie’, Val Lorenz
RU: ‘Pink Perfection’, Kathleen Graham

C. japonica protected – greenhouse:
BB: ‘Meredith’, Robin Cross
RU: ‘Betty Shefield Supreme’, Val Lorenz

C. japonica protected –  other (garage, cold frame or porch):
BB: ‘Taylor’s Perfection’, Val Lorenz
RU: ‘Marie Bracy’, Val Lorenz

C. reticulata (includes hybrids with reticulata parent):
BB: ‘Frank Houser’, Bill MIller

C. hybrid (with no reticulata parent):
BB: ‘Cross of C.flava X D3143D9X’, Pat Laane
RU: ‘Pink Icicle’, Joyce Vegella

Best Miniature:
BB: ‘Man Size’, Bill Miller
RU: ‘Night Rider’, Nancy Padgett

Tray of Three (Same Variety):
BB: ‘Double Jacks’, Dawn Leaf
RU: ‘Berenice Boddy’, Toni McKenna

Best Seedling:
BB: ‘Freestyle’, Bill Ackerman
RU: ‘Seedling 78-206’, Yoshiko Dohert

Court of Honor

C. japonica and hybrid specimen, unprotected

‘Jim McCormack’, Mary McCormack
‘Professor Charles S. Sargent’, Nancy Padgett
‘Colonial Lady’, Karen Fairchild
‘Tama Americana’, Nancy Padgett
‘Debutante’, Karen Fairchild
‘Nicky Crisp’, Val Lorenz
‘Dr. Tinsley’, Leslie Zupan
‘Nuccio’s Pearl’, Val Lorenz
‘Mrs. R L Wheeler’, Bill Miller
‘Harold L. Paige’, Bill Miller
‘In The Pink’, Celeste Muller
‘Kuro Delight’, Rix Perkins
‘April Dawn’, Celeste Muller
‘Ayedaka’, Karen Fairchild
‘Les Marbury’, Karen Fairchild
‘Grace Albritton’, Val Lorenz
‘Greenboro Red’, Leslie Zupan
‘Magnoliaeflora’, Dawn Leaf
‘Judge Marvin Mann’, Toni McKenna
‘Glen 40’, Val Lorenz
‘Emily Wilson’, Bill Miller
‘Lady Vansittart’, Celeste Muller

Division 7 – Non-Competitive

‘Camellia blooms from the Garden of Mary McCormack’,
‘Camellia blooms from the Garden of Lou Wiest’,
‘Several Flower Arrnagements by Yoshiko Doherty’,
‘Several Paintings by the Clatterbuck Family’,
‘Microfam Display by Kitty Ackerman’,
‘Black Netting to protect plants from deer by Kitty Ackerman’,
‘Several Posters on Cold-Hardy camellias by Kitty Ackerman’

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